High Quality Sanitation Products for All Your Corporate Needs

No matter what type of business or office style you have, we have a sanitation or protective product to help you service your customers with confidence, while keeping your employees safe also.

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Tilt-Up Reusable Face Shield

Tilt-Up Reusable Medial Face Shield

Reusable See Through Face Mask

Table Top Barrier Shield

Hand Washing & Sanitizing Stations

Portable Office Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizer Stations

The reusable face shield provides protection from fluids, respiratory droplets and splashes from coughs, sneezes, and other foreign substances from entering the eyes, nose and mouth.

Two layers of 100% cotton with clear acetate window panel with elastic polyester ear loops and contour fit. This mask is hand washable with aminimum of 30 washes. Available in 19 colors.

Easily maintain social distance protocols while keeping both customers and employees safe. These easy to assemble and place barrier shields protect from mouth and nose sprays.

Promote cleanliness with these portable sanitation stations that can be placed in your high traffic areas such as inside and/or outside of entrances, reception areas and in common areas.

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Stay Healthy and Safe With Multi-Purpose Disinfection Cabinets

Now you can disinfect all of your computer devices and other equipment in minutes.

These multi-purpose cabinets use ultra violet lights to efficiently kill all bacteria and virus that may be present on the service and in the hard to reach crevices.

Perfect for computer equipment, communication devices and tablets, office supplies, tools, medical equipment and much more! 

These portable disinfection cabinets can me moved throughout your office building easily and range in size to sanitize from 10 to 65 devices at once.

Great idea for schools, computer labs, retail equipment stores and are fully customizable to meet the specific needs of a variety of businesses.

These disinfection cabinets are also equipped with charging units so you can sanitize and charge your equipment at the same time.  They also have programmable timers and a transparent door for monitoring.


Totally New Innovation

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Laptop and Equipment Sanitation Cabinets
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Branded Cloth Washable Face Masks

Let us create a custom or fully branded mask for your business!

Providing face masks for your employees and customers can be costly if your choice is to provide disposable masks.  Why not consider providing fully branded cloth masks that can be washed and reused. 

These masks are available in many sizes and are constructed of three protection layers with elastic ear loops.  Choose your color, provide your logo and let us know how many you need and we will deliver them to your door quickly.

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Reusable Isolation Gowns

These extended wear isolation gowns are latex-free, 100% polyester and washable.  Experience a light-weight and comfortable gown that repels water and fluids.  Dermatologically safe and hypoallergenic, these gowns are strong, breathable and durable. Protects from common dirt, dust, grime, minor splashes and particles.

All gowns are FDA Compliant by Letter of Authorization, ANSI AAMI PB79 Compliant and provide water and fluid repellent, AATCC 22 compliance.  All sizes from S – XL are available with custom sizes available upon request.

Two Protection Levels Available

Level 1 provides minimal barrier protection and available in 27 colors.

Level 2 provides minimal to low barrier protection, Oekotex Standard 100 compliance, water/fluid repellant: 100% AATCC 22 and <1.0g AATCC42/Level II ANSI/AAMI PB70; only available in white and blue.

We are here to provide all your PPE needs!

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